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THANK YOU to the following local businesses who have invested in

bringing the WORLD to our students!

D&D Feedlot

Supreme Ag Service

Johnson and Associates, CPAs, PC

Town Square Realty

Expert Electric

Cottage Creations

Robirds Electric, LLC (Jeff Robirds)

Dinklage Feed Yard

First FarmBank

Sterling Livestock Commission Co.

Stewart Title

Google Expeditions: Technology that transports our rural students to places buses (and budgets) don't allow

Project budget covers the following:

  • 30 Student Viewing Devices

  • 30 Student Devices
    (locked cellphones)

  • 1 Teacher Device (tablet)

  • 1 Router - Allows program to run independent from internet

  • Device chargers

  • Heavy duty case to house all materials

  • Support service for life of devices

Click here for vendor page

When was the last time a Colorado classroom visited the Great Wall of China? The moon?

RE-1 Valley teacher Kelsey Yearick is hoping to do just that by making the world (virtually) available to all RE-1 classrooms 2nd grade and up through the Google Expeditions program. The program offers over 300 - and growing - locations for students to explore through teacher-guided virtual reality field trips.

Students view the field trips through a device similar to a view-master. The teacher guides the class on a tablet device and is able to point students to certain educational elements by pressing on the tablet.

Yearick, who is in her fourth year of teaching at Caliche, is willing to commit her time and energy into overseeing the program for district use. From training to kit scheduling, she has a vision of how to practically implement the tool across the district.

According to Yearick, "I’m willing to spearhead this project because it is an opportunity that I feel the students absolutely need."

"Many of our students have no concept that there are other parts of the world besides Iliff, Sterling, and Crook. The more we expand their horizons and open them to the idea of the world as a whole, the more I feel like they will perceive their hopes and dreams to be limitless."

Before making the Expeditions kit publicly available, Google piloted the technology in classrooms around the world. True to typical field trip form, many students became a little too excited and were distracted from the lesson. Because of this, the company incorporated a feature that allows the teacher to see where each student is looking in the field trip. If too many eyes are wandering the trip can be paused for everyone to refocus.

Yearick has been using her own personal viewer in class to supplement curriculum, but knows that the technology can have an even larger impact if students across the district can share the experience together.

"Students’ eyes just light up when they are given the Google Cardboard, and it's a constant battle to peel it off their little faces. We have done a few small videos like an elephant walk through the jungle. It truly transports the kids to a different world for a small period of time."

Virtual reality can help bridge the student exploration gap that tends to exist in rural, low income classrooms - classrooms like ours.

You can support Ms. Yearick's project in the following ways:

  • Donate securely online through PayPal

  • Mail your donation

  • Pledge your support - we won't collect until the project is funded in full

  • Share with the community!

Donation and pledge instructions can be found in the red "Support" box on this page.

Total Project Amount


*After promotional offer from Best Buy applied

Funds Needed



Project Coordinator

Kelsey Yearick

Caliche Elementary

4th Grade Teacher

Potential Impact Level:

1,500+ students on an annual basis

This program will be available as a permanent shared resource for all RE-1 classrooms 2nd grade and above (once teacher completes training). Current calculation is based on 2015-2016 CDE data.

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