From an informational brochure created by the founding board: "As Foundation members, we believe the RE-1 Valley School District is providing a quality education for our youth. But even the best of organizations need help....Although the RE-1 Valley Foundation will be working closely with the RE-1 Valley School District, the Foundation remains and independent nonprofit organization designed to accentuate - not replace - the services provided by the school district."

Connect the community to education.

That was the initial goal of the Foundation's founding board -  Lil Buck, Chesley Harris, Carolyn LaBore, Mick Hall, Delinda Korrey, Don Hamil, Mary Smith, James Madison, and Janna Korrey. The group intended to create an organization that bridges the gap between classrooms and our generous community. With only $700 in their initial budget and the help of Superintendent Dr. Keith Christy, the RE-1 Valley Foundation was created.

In its first year, board members undertook the rigorous process of applying for 501(c)(3) nonprofit status and set a fundraising goal of $3,850.


Early fundraisers included a color book of Sterling locations being sold to professional offices, a silent auction at Pie and Pops concert at Sterling High each year, and the solicitation of donations from businesses and individuals.


One of the most popular and unique fundraisers – more in public good will than fundraising – was the sale of decorated Christmas trees. The Foundation provided trees to Sterling nonprofits who then decorated the trees which were sold at an auction.


Initial funds raised were used to provide for educational needs and activities outside the district’s normal budget that would benefit students. In-kind donations at that time included paper, pencils, computers, desks and other items that could be used in the classroom. One of the first monetary grants allocated included the funding of a hot air balloon visiting the elementary schools. The visit was used to enhance math and science education.


Since that time, that $700 “seed” budget has served as the backbone for an operations and programs fund that helps ensure the longevity of the Foundation. The Foundation has also served as a supporting organization for larger fundraising initiatives and   accepted several scholarship funds benefiting RE-1 Valley graduates. Thanks to the efforts of our founding board, our organization still serves as a way to help connect the community to the RE-1 Valley School District.

*Special thanks to Delinda Korrey for assembling this information

By the Numbers:


Contributed to RE-1 classrooms from 2009-2015 through DonorsChoose.org, a crowdfunding platform for teachers. This contribution was matched through the platform to make a $100,000 impact in the district.



Approximate amount awarded to district graduates on an annual basis from Foundation held scholarship accounts.


Provided for a matching grant to purchase Promethean Boards in 2009


Average course enrollment fee for families participating in summer learning opportunities (typically $28 per course). The Foundation partnered  with NJC Kids College to make unique, hands on-learning experiences more financially accessible to our low income school district.